Folk remedies for varicose veins: 18 home recipes

Varicose veins are one of the most common diseases. Protruding veins and spider veins not only spoil the appearance of the feet, but also threaten health. Feeling of tightness in the calves, followed by pain, the formation of blood clots - this is dangerous for the disease.

In most cases, formal medicine is prone to surgery. Sometimes patients are prescribed venotonics, exercise therapy and diet. But do not forget about informal medicine - folk remedies.

Treatment of varicose veins and its folk remedies

Causes of the disease

The causes of varicose veins play an important role, as they must be eliminated in order for subsequent treatment to be more effective. Varicose veins are more common in pregnant women, as well as in close relatives who suffer from this pathology.

Prolonged sitting or standing is also a factor in triggering the disease. If a person is in the above risk groups, then he should take preventive measures, ie walk more, run, eat more vegetables and fruits, sleep with his legs raised more often, and start treatment at the first signs.

Folk remedies for varicose veins

  1. One of the most common recipes is hops decoction. Crushed cones in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. Pour a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Strain the liquid before drinking. One decoction, like other drugs, 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. It is recommended to prepare a fresh portion every day, not to collect them for future use;
  2. The infusion of Antonovka apples will help cleanse the blood, improve blood formation, normalize sleep and appetite. To do this, you need three fruits. They are placed in an enamel bowl, pour 1 liter of boiling water, cover with a lid and wrap for 3 hours. After a certain period of time, the apples are crushed without being removed from the water. There is no need to filter the infusion. In the morning and evening before going to bed on an empty stomach, a quarter cup of honey is consumed;
  3. Another effective folk remedy for varicose veins is apple cider vinegar. The veins are rubbed with this liquid and at the same time water is taken with vinegar (1 teaspoon for 1 cup);
  4. If the veins are very swollen and hard plaques, then green tomatoes are used. Immature vegetables are cut into circles, wrapped in a painful place and secured with elastic bandages. The procedure is performed at night. The process of such treatment is quite long - at least six months;
  5. Sour milk + chopped wormwood. The ingredients are mixed and spread on a bandage, which is applied to the foot and fixed with plasters. You can also drink the above apple infusion. Course - 5 days, then 10 breaks and repetitions;
  6. Stinging nettle is an effective tool not only for the treatment of varicose veins, but also for many other diseases. However, the therapy is quite long - about six months. During this time it is necessary to drink a decoction of the plant. At low temperatures, the substances are brought to a boil (ratios are described above), cooled and filtered. The resulting broth is divided into 3 parts (each about 75 ml). Take the medicine before meals as usual;
  7. Raw potatoes. Grate 5 medium tubers and apply the resulting puree on the legs wrapped in polyethylene. After 4 hours, clean the limbs. Reviews of such therapy suggest that there is relief of pain, retraction of the arteries, and a significant improvement in the condition of the limbs;
  8. Horse chestnut tincture is one of the most popular means for the treatment of severe forms of varicose veins. For cooking you need 50 g of plant inflorescences and 1 liter of vodka. The ingredients are mixed and brewed for 2 weeks, shaking periodically. Take 30 ml three times a day for 1 week before meals, then take a break for 5 days and repeat the course. The result will be visible in a month and a half.
  9. Garlic + butter. Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 1 to 2. The mixture is applied to problem areas and wrapped with a bandage. The procedure is performed at night. In the morning, the remains are washed with warm water. It is recommended to wear wool socks and soft pants at this time to avoid damaging sensitive veins.
  10. The anti-varicose cocktail includes almonds, honey and plain water. A few nuts are powdered. The proportions are the same as in the preparation of decoctions. Sweeten with a spoonful of honey. Mix the ingredients well and infuse for about an hour. The infusion is consumed before breakfast and 2 hours after. At the same time it is recommended to eat pine nuts and rub them with oil on the damaged areas.
  11. Kalanchoe pinnate. This houseplant has been proven effective in combating varicose veins. To prepare the drug, you need to fill half a liter jar with leaves and pour 70% alcohol on top. In this form, the substances are released for 2 weeks, shaking periodically. Apply the infusion once a day, in the evening. Improvements are noticeable after the first application.
  12. Forest lice and burdock. Puree and slightly warmed wood lice are applied to the affected area and wrapped with burdock leaves. They are fixed with bandages removed after 30 minutes. The procedure can be performed up to 4 times a day. Cabbage leaves are also used instead of burdock.
  13. Lilac leaves. A half-liter jar is half-filled with layers and poured with alcohol or vodka. The remedy insists for a week, shaking it from time to time. The feet are completely rubbed along the entire length, including the feet, for a month.
  14. White acacia flowers can eliminate swollen varicose veins. To do this, pour 50 g herb ½ liter of vodka and leave for 2 weeks. The organs are abundantly moisturized and rubbed with the resulting liquid.
  15. Fried garlic (250 g) + liquid honey (350 g). Mixed ingredients insist 7 days. Take 15 ml orally. Therapy lasts 1-2 months.
  16. Air part of male fern + flowers and leaves of silver wormwood. Dry herbs are ground in equal proportions in a mortar. You need the same amount of sour milk for one tablespoon of the mixture. The resulting solution is applied to the problem areas overnight.
  17. Arnica and hazelnut peel. A tablespoon of crushed herbs is poured into 150 ml of boiling water and leave for 8 hours. Drink 50 ml of fluid. At the same time, it is recommended to apply kefir compresses at night.
  18. Ointment from herbs and badger oil: cough, St. John's wort, chamomile, meadowsweet, cuffs, chicory dry herbs are needed. Take a teaspoon of each of them and pour into a saucepan, pour 100 ml of boiling water and bring to a boil on low heat, stirring constantly. After the mixture cools down a bit, add vegetable oil or badger oil, mix well. As a result, the product is stored in the refrigerator. It is applied to the legs with a thin layer, covered with polyethylene and elastic bandages. The bandage is changed up to 3 times a day. Course - 1 week.

It should be noted that severe stages of varicose veins are not treated with folk remedies, and drugs are weak. In this case, you may need to visit a phlebologist, an operation may be needed.

Diet for varicose veins

Patients should include foods rich in vitamin C in their diet. It reduces swelling and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It is therefore recommended to use:

  • kiwi;
  • black currant;
  • citrus.

Seafood is also useful because it contains substances that increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

A special place in the diet is given to vegetable fiber, so it is recommended to eat:

  1. leafy vegetables;
  2. oatmeal;
  3. lentils;
  4. lettuce celery;
  5. alma.

The substances contained in the above products ensure the normalization of the intestines, as its disruption increases the load on the arteries of the legs.

To prevent blood clotting, you need to eat foods that reduce blood clotting. These are mainly coumarin-rich garlic and onion, olive oil, red currants, cherries and lemons.

Physical training

There are special exercise therapy complexes. The doctor will definitely acquaint the patient with them. At home, they can be implemented without problems.

One of the most effective is Mikulin's training:

  • A man stands on his toes and then suddenly descends to his heel.
  • Repeat 30-50 times and then rest for 10 seconds.
  • It is recommended to do such a warm-up 2-3 times a day, but you should not exercise more than 60 at a time.

The disease should be treated in a comprehensive manner, if necessary, medications, folk recipes, diet and exercise therapy, compression underwear are used.