Home treatment of varicose veins

Healthy legs after varicose veins treatment

Varicose veins are an urgent problem for many women. At first glance, varicose veins seem to be just a cosmetic problem. In fact, this disease is very dangerous. It leads to blockage of blood vessels, their elongation and disruption of blood circulation throughout the body. This also affects the work of the heart. Therefore, it is necessary to treat varicose veins from the first symptoms of their appearance. It is important to consult a doctor.

This is required for the specialist to determine the exact causes of the development of varicose veins and prescribe appropriate therapy. Varicose veins can also be treated at home. However, it should be understood that traditional medicine can not cope with the disease "alone". It should be combined with medication. Only in this case it will be possible to get rid of the blue veins and ugly stars on the legs.

What tools help to fight the disease?

Varicose veins are not easy to treat at home. Therefore, you must immediately find patience and set yourself up for a long and arduous work. If we talk about what kind of traditional medicine is highly effective in this situation, the following may differ:

  • squeeze with green tomatoes;
  • use of dop seeds (compresses and tinctures);
  • horse chestnut medicine;
  • use of freshly squeezed juices;
  • use of cognac.

We will now talk about how these tools work and how they should be applied.

varicose vein in the leg

Squeeze with green tomatoes

The use of home-grown tomatoes for varicose veins is one of the most effective ways to fight this disease. They are very simple to use. Brutus is a green tomato, cut into thin slices and fixed with a bandage applied to the swollen veins. This compress should be done in the evening and left overnight. The duration of treatment depends on the degree of manifestation of varicose veins and can last up to a year.

How does green tomatoes help fight varicose veins? Contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidantIt helps to increase vascular tone, improve blood circulation and "resorption" of nodules.

In addition to all this, lycopene helps prevent oxidative processes caused by an increase in "bad" cholesterol, which leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and vascular occlusion in the blood.

It should be noted that this substance is also abundant in tomato paste. Therefore, it can also be used in the form of compresses. Ripe tomatoes also contain lycopene, but in lower concentrations.

Dop seeds

Datura seeds will help eliminate varicose veins at home. As mentioned, it can be used to make tinctures and compresses. However, it should be noted that Datura seeds are poisonous. There are alkaloids that can cause intoxication of the body. Therefore, it should be used with caution, monitor your well-being and do not exceed the indicated doses.

To prepare the medicinal tincture you need to grind 100 g of seeds (you can do this in a coffee grinder or stack). Then the crushed seeds should be poured on 0. 5 liters of vodka, poured into a dark glass jar and put in a warm place for 2 weeks. Shake daily during the infusion of the remedy.

After that, the prepared tincture should be filtered and taken 15 drops a day before meals. In case of a normal reaction of the body to the agent, the dose should be increased by 1 drop daily. The maximum dose of dope seed tincture is 25 drops per day. The course of treatment is 1 month. After that, you must take a break for a few weeks.

dop seeds for the treatment of varicose veins

It should be noted that the use of this tincture of varicose veins in the legs at home can cause unpleasant pain in the limbs. Premature panic. If you feel pain in your legs, reduce the dose of the drug. It should be gradually increased as soon as the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

To make a compress, you will need a tincture prepared according to the above recipe. Drops are diluted in a glass of warm water in the amount of 20-30 drops. As a result, it is moistened in the solution, applied to swollen veins, wrapped in polyethylene and bandage. This compress should be kept for 2-3 hours. It should be done every day for a month.

As in the previous case, the use of such a compress can cause pain in the legs. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the concentration of the solution.

Horse chestnut tincture

How to deal with varicose veins at home? You can use a horse chestnut tincture for this purpose. The results of the application are already visible on the 20th day.

To prepare the tincture, you need flowers (about 50 g), not chestnuts. Pour 0. 5 liters of vodka and put in a dark place for 2 weeks. You need to apply the product in 1 tbsp. l. With plenty of water 3 times a day. Remember to filter the tincture before use.

The course of treatment is 7 days. Then you should take a break for 1-2 weeks, and if necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated.

Freshly squeezed juices

You can also treat varicose veins at home with the help of freshly squeezed juices. Contains substances that help strengthen blood vessels and improve blood circulation. You can use the following recipes at home:

  • a mixture of carrot juice and spinach leaf juice (10: 6);
  • a mixture of carrot juice, spinach leaf juice and fresh beet juice (10: 3: 3);
  • a mixture of carrot juice, celery juice, spinach leaf juice and parsley (7: 4: 3: 2).

You should consume 2-3 glasses of such juices every day for a month. Then you should take a short break. It should be noted that carrots and beets can cause allergic reactions and increased intestinal motility. Therefore, be careful when using them. If there are any health problems, such treatment of varicose veins should be avoided.


Alcohol and varicose veins are said to be two incompatible things, because ethyl alcohol causes metabolic diseases and circulatory disorders. But in this case, we are talking about the use of large amounts of cognac.

cognac for the treatment of varicose veins

With moderate use, this strong drink can be a real medicine that will help clean the blood vessels and restore atherosclerotic plaques. You should use 50 grams in pure form every day on an empty stomach.

But you should understand that in this case you should drink only high-quality cognac, not cheap counterfeit.

What other home remedies are available to treat varicose veins?

You can treat varicose veins at home for a month with a special exercise. It is very easy to implement and will not take much of your time.

You need to stand up straight, straighten your back and place your arms across your body. Now stand on your feet, lift your heels 1-2 cm off the ground, and then suddenly land on them. This exercise should be done 40-60 repetitions every day.

This exercise helps to strengthen and clean the blood vessels. During a floor blow, the blood in the legs begins to be expelled sharply, thereby "expelling" the plaques, and the increased blood flow helps them break down into smaller particles that are excreted from the body along with urine and feces. .

With regular exercise, the first results will be noticeable after 2-3 weeks. It is the most effective for the treatment of varicose veins in combination with the folk remedies we have told you above.

Another very simple way to fight varicose veins at home is to drink plenty of fluids. You should drink only clean water in the amount of 1, 5-2 liters per day. Water will help flush blood vessels and remove atherosclerotic plaques. As a result, the circulatory process is normalized and the walls of the vessels are reduced, which will help to eliminate the visible symptoms of varicose veins.

Remember that only an integrated approach to solving the problem will help to treat varicose veins at home!